10 Years’ Experience

I specialize in providing affirming support for all people, with all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Awareness and Acceptance

I help clients realize their unique potential and natural strengths. Using these as a foundation, we harness them both to achieve the client’s goals.

Empowerment and Equality

We work together to facilitate emotional healing from negative messages or experiences that are keeping you stuck in the past, so you can move forward into your future.

Couples Therapy

In this case, the Couple is the client!  It’s not about “taking sides.”  It’s about clarifying your goals as a couple and helping you achieve them – together.

Couples, like individuals, sometimes need help on the journey. There are many stages of a relationship, which change the dynamics of a couple along the way. When couples are challenged with communicating and providing emotional support for one another, the bond between them weakens and sometimes breaks.

I can help by providing empathetic feedback for you and your partner and suggest methods to help you overcome these common challenges. I help you adjust to the natural change that happens with life-cycle transitions. We work on conflict resolution skills. We also work to help you increase your relationship satisfaction and reconnect so you can work together to create your future.


Let’s talk and see if I can help.

Whatever is keeping you stuck in the life you have now, your potential is still there.

Everyone has strengths.

Let’s use yours to help you lead your best life, to thrive and Shine.